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Saint Tropez_Since Brigitte Bardot

During the 1960's, when St.-Tropez, Capri and Monte Carlo were obligatory summer stops for the "Dolce Vita" set, the only way to arrive was on a Riva motorboat. Gianni Agnelli drove his — an Aquarama — at breakneck speed; a youthful King Hussein of Jordan was often snapped by the paparazzi while cavorting on a Riva Ariston in his less-than-royal skivvies; and Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton had a Riva Junior for those days when they needed a quick getaway from their massive yacht, the Odysseia. Gigi Rizzi, the Italian playboy who spent much of 1968 drinking Champagne and water-skiing at midnight with the French bombshell Brigitte Bardot, famously declared that she changed her Riva with every new boyfriend — an assessment that, even if only partly true, would have kept the Italian company in riches for years.

Tropéziens and the town is popularly known as “St-Trop”. Set on the pacific blue water of the Bay of Saint-Tropez, this new version of a medieval town is most popular for the line of yachts along the quai, and the facing line of terrace cafés, divided by a parade of strolling tourists and slow cruising expensive cars.It is famous for its beaches and pleasant sunny climate. It attracts posh summertime crowd,especially some of the Hollywood elite class.Thats why Saint Tropez is also known as ‘Playground of celebrities and jetsetters’,because of its high flying celebrity visitors.

Classy Nightclubs, sensational lounges, endless cafes, opulent yachts, innumerable gift shops, tasteful art galleries,multi-cuisine restaurants, hotels and a plethora of places where you can guzzle finest liquor of rare brands with authentic delicacies are some of the attractions of St. Tropez. This is one place to flaunt all you have and can raise your spirit and enlighten your mood with never ending excitement.A perfect spot for a classy vacation with your girlfriend or family.The best thing we like about this cosy European town is that it offers a lot to all age group and all classes.

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