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My Choices for Spring_from River Island


Animals In Wombs

By national geographic
is reffered to the Uterus of a Female Reproductive organ of mammals including humans. The womb varies from species to species. The fetus of any mammals develops and protected in this womb till its birth. “Birth” is an amazing natural event which is much considered to be a great part of any lives. It is a miracle happens in life. We must be well known about Human womb. For a change, let us see some of the WOMB of different species that we come accross in our life. It is also giving a joyful feel to us. It is simply amazing.

sábado, 25 de fevereiro de 2012

Thomas Czarnecki_Photographer

"just a trap - alice"

"on the other shore - the little mermaid"

"too fast - cinderella"

"not so romantic - the beauty and the beast"

"naughty girl - sleeping beauty"

(above) "my sweet prince - snow white"

"happy end - the little red riding hood"

"one more trophy - pocahontas"

"From Enchantment to Down"_by Thomas Czarnecki

From Enchantment to Down' by paris-based Photographer thomas czarnecki is a collection of photographs
depicting fairy-tale heroines in scenes that are darker than their idyllic stories. Ranging from the little mermaid
washed up on a beach shore to alice trapped in what looks to be an abandoned basement, the twisted series
illustrates an alternate ending to the well-known narratives, offering a dramatic contrast to the child-like
nature of the original story. Haunting and disturbing, the collection remains enchanting in its own right.

Aujourd´hui_Enchantes toi

Imagens que me prendem_Hoje

Terry Richardson_Photographer

Contemporary photographer terry richardson presents 'terrywood', a visualization of the images which comprise his hometown of hollywood, at ohwow gallery. The installation includes twenty-five new photos investigating issues of celebrity in addition to the kitsch and character which symbolize the more gritty reality of the los angeles aesthetic. The photographer's reinterpretation of this (in)famous city is a celebration and illustration of a place which seems to be both very familiar and also raw to him-- as if these locals and characters had been just discovered rather than ones in which he had been raised with.

Terry Richardson: terrywood
ohwow, los angeles, california, USA
february 24th until march 31st, 2012

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Allandale House_by William O’Brien Jr

"A Cabin of Curiosities"

Allandale House is an A-frame(s) house for an idiosyncratic connoisseur and her family. Along with its occupants, the Allandale House also provides space for an eccentric collection of artifacts that resist straightforward classification. Wines, rare books, stuffed birds and an elk mount are among the relics on display in this small vacation house.

The house links three horizontal extrusions of “leaning,” or asymmetrical A-frames. The skinny A-frame on the western side contains the library, wine cellar and garage. The wide A-frame in the center of the house is dedicated to two floors of bedrooms and bathrooms. The medium A-frame on the eastern side consists of living, kitchen and dining areas. The house aims to undermine the seeming limitations of a triangular section by augmenting and revealing the extreme proportion in the vertical direction, and utilizing the acutely angled corners meeting the floor as moments for thickened walls, telescopic apertures and built-in storage.

The relationship between the need for exposed storage and the interior liner of the house is a reciprocal one. Ostensibly problematic head-height limitations posed by the angled ceiling/wall planes are resolved by allowing the interior surface of the ceiling/wall to deviate from the roof surface as it nears the floor plane to become plumb. The thickness created between the outer roof surface and the inner wall surface is then reclaimed as poche from which to carve, creating bookshelves and showcases. Perceptually, the ambition is to tuck the pieces on display within the implied surface of the interior liner, enabling the items to be seen, while providing the possible conception of the space as a simple volume.

A range of possible configurations were tested. Variables included: (1) the relative orientation of adjacent tube segments, (2) the severity of rotation between segments, (3) the sequence of the three different bay-widths, and (4) the location of the apex of the triangle relative to its base. Given the site features—steeply sloped with a clearing in the north easterly direction—the tube establishes a parallel relationship to the contours of the site and orients the living area toward the clearing. The inclusion of a second floor is only possible in the widest A-frame extrusion. Therefore, the desire to centralize the location of the bedrooms positions the wide A-frame extrusion second in the sequence. Lastly, in tandem with the geometric principles associated with the severity of rotation, the variable location of the apex acts as the formal smoothing agent between tube segments allowing the roof planes to fold along single seams.

Mountain West, 2009-2010
Principal: William O’Brien Jr.
Team: Bhujon Kang
Images: Peter Guthrie