sábado, 25 de fevereiro de 2012

Thomas Czarnecki_Photographer

"just a trap - alice"

"on the other shore - the little mermaid"

"too fast - cinderella"

"not so romantic - the beauty and the beast"

"naughty girl - sleeping beauty"

(above) "my sweet prince - snow white"

"happy end - the little red riding hood"

"one more trophy - pocahontas"

"From Enchantment to Down"_by Thomas Czarnecki

From Enchantment to Down' by paris-based Photographer thomas czarnecki is a collection of photographs
depicting fairy-tale heroines in scenes that are darker than their idyllic stories. Ranging from the little mermaid
washed up on a beach shore to alice trapped in what looks to be an abandoned basement, the twisted series
illustrates an alternate ending to the well-known narratives, offering a dramatic contrast to the child-like
nature of the original story. Haunting and disturbing, the collection remains enchanting in its own right.

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