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The Casavells_by 05 AM Architects

The ‘Casavells’ by 05 AM Architects has a sunken level in the middles of the ground floor to have a better relation with the garden and the landscape, and the roof is fragmented to let the natural light pass through the different levels of the ground and the ceiling. They clearly identify the individual character and volume of each space with a different use, with an open space always luminous and linked to the landscape.
On the lower ground floor they wanted to resolve the usual access to housing with the car, so they proposed to have a space with more attributes than a garage with a dark background. It is a transitional space between inside and outside of the house, a threshold where they can develop alternative uses for the space.

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The blog of Russian fashion designer and photographer Ulyana Sergeenko

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House in a Pine Wood_by Fabio Candido and Massimo Fiorido Associati

The architectural office ‘Sundaymorning’ by italian architects Fabio Candido and Massimo Fiorido Associati works on architectural, urban and graphic design, covering multiple levels of discipline. Their new project was created by the occasion of renovating a poorly built summer residence from the mid-sixties, surrounded by pine wood and dunes. The limited range of materials – travertine marble cladding, plaster, teak wood – gives continuity to the horizontal planes inside and outside and helps to integrate the building into the landscape. Providing a comfortable refuge from the outside world, but also paying respect to the landscape, in which buildings with strong character are connected by paths that follow the free conformation of the landscape. Color and shape harmonises beautifully with the surrounding landscape, forming a perfect relationship and balance between the internal and external space. Finished with lovely details, like the staircase, which can also be used as a shelf.

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