quinta-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2012

House on a Cliff_by Petra Gipp Arkitektur and Katarina Lundeberg

This impressive house has been designed by Petra Gipp Arkitektur and Katarina Lundeberg, and is placed on a cliff which is located on an island near Stockholm, Sweden, overlooking the bay from high up.

At the clients requirements the architects have created the dwelling as an interplay with the experience of the environment, providing both the felling of privacy and transparency. The concept idea was to create a strong connection between the house and the cliff, an unique combination creating a whole. The structure of the house is composed of two volumes, each of them with a different purpose, the first providing sleeping space and great connection with the exterior, while the other one features a great living room and a kitchen, the place where that emphasize the public aspects of dwelling. The interior design displays a simple yet modern approach, using an aesthetic based on abstraction and functionality, with simple lines and a clean aspect.

The large floor to wall windows provide enough light for the interior space and forms an internal light between the two volumes creating a conceptual cut between the closed space that turns inwards, and the generously open volume. The materials used for the both the interior and the exterior design were carefully chosen to emphasize the architectonic structure.

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