terça-feira, 3 de janeiro de 2012

House on the slope of a Castle_by Silvestre Navarro Arquitectos


The building is situated in a landscape of singular beauty, fruit of a growth of evident nature. The mountain, crowned by the castle, is covered by a mantle of houses that, by means of a system of aggregation by juxtaposition of simple pieces generates a fragmented white tissue that adapts to the topography. The project proposes to be integrated in the surrounding, being respectful with the strategies of adaptation to the environment and also with its materials, showing the constructive moment that responds to the new inhabitants requirements. This way the house is conceived like a piece deposited on the land, that adapts to the drop. A piece constructed in the same white lime, with the same predominance of walls and gaps, that uses the lands edge to place the gaps and integrating itself to the fragmentation of the surroundings.

The empty double space articulates the interior space of the house in which we find the nucleus of communications disposed parallel to the cut of the mountain without touching it. On the ground floor you can find the garage and the wine cellar. Over this floor there are two additional floors with four rooms. Two of them, the bedrooms, are in the intermediate level which opens to the lateral street; the other two are in the superior level, which look over the roofs of the houses in front, having an excellent panoramic view of the Ayora Valley. One of them, the study, also opens to the double central height; incorporating it to its proper space. On the other side of the empty space, over the mountain, there are the day areas that look over the garden illuminated by the southern light reflected on the oxidized slope of the castle.Photos and words: Courtesy of Jorge from Silvestre Navarro Arquitectos

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