quarta-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2012

De Joode Design_for Soonsalon Wallpapers


De Joode Design (for Soonsalon) combines photography with patterns in the creation of custom wall-coverings / wallpapers . At a distance, these designs are stylish and ornamental but up close they reveal to be beautiful, kaleidoscopic photographs! De Joode has designed three collections of many amazing wallpaper, which are made available in collaboration with design-agent/producer, Soonsalon.

A panoramic first view of de Joode’s magic-realism wallpaper presents the eye with a strong, surreal dose of delightful innocence. The observer is drawn in for a closer look which reveals a rhythmic repetition of posing, daring ladies and gentleman.

De Joode’s motivation for designing wallpaper was conceptual. She sought a method for branding herself, while simultaneously reproducing her art – her photography. A profound vision led her to design wallpapers using her own illustrative photo-collages.

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  1. I politely ask you to delete the post above.

    The wallpaper is not for sale anymore, and the project ended, I would like to have this post removed asap.

    Many Thanks,