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Infrared Landscapes_by Richard Mosse

Irish photographer richard mosse is celebrated for his striking imagery of eastern congo, and will be presenting some of his latest pieces at the armory show in new york from the 7th through to the 10th of march, 2013.
The photographs are full and rich - the arresting deep reds and crimson hues, candy floss trees and savannah grasses aflame with color. all these surreal elements created through a combination of an obsolete wooden field camera and a rare technique produced by kodak aerochrome, a product developed for military use in the detection of aerial bombing targets.
In the late 1960s, the medium was appropriated in artwork for rock musicians like the grateful dead or jimi hendrix, setting the tone for the sublime psychedelic aesthetic of the time.

First image
'platon, north kivu, eastern congo', 2012
all images courtesy jack shainman gallery

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