sexta-feira, 15 de março de 2013

House in Sonvico_by Pedrozzi and Diaz Saravia

Partially embedded into a small but articulated hill, the 'house in sonvico' by italian practice architetti pedrozzi and diaz saravia fits all the necessary program into one horizontal level sandwiched between two reinforced concrete planes.
At the protruding end two large circular columns house the service functions are support the mass above a partially covered courtyard with a staircase that brings one to the main entrance. a regular grid of columns demarcates a rational order for interior and exterior spaces, with a central void allowing natural light into all parts of the residence as well as views to the public space below.
Between the exposed concrete frames the envelope of the structure is clad in reflective white tiles and large windows with natural wood frames. the final bay resting on the topography creates a covered patio that spills out onto the grassy yard beyond.

First image
'house in sonvico' by architetti pedrozzi and diaz saravia, lugano, switzerland
image © pino brioschi
all images courtesy of architetti pedrozzi and diaz saravia

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