segunda-feira, 30 de abril de 2012

Plumage_by Kevin Chupik

Plumage by Kevin Chupik

"My current body of work entitled, "Plumage" has been dominated by the presence of both women and birds. Avian and human figurative elements are set within a divided picture plane format. Each composition suggests a dialogue between colorfully patterned male bird bodies and it's corresponding female visage.The pairings become metaphorical embodiments within the dynamics of emotion, thought and attraction. A staggering amount of painted dots and dashes are individually applied to create strangely congruent associations amongst these disparate forms. Color and composition continue to remain strong underpinnings for each piece. The intricate nature of this process demands lengthy studio time, with larger works taking 300-400 hours to complete. I continue to enjoy the poetic potential that this imagery suggests, as new pairings are discovered."-

Words and images: Courtesy of Kevin Chupik

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