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Gérard Schlosser_Painter

At first sight, the hyperrealism. And though, don’t relate him to it. Born in 1931 (Lille – France), Gérard Schlosser is ordinarily and commonly associated to the Figuration Narrative. School mainly french, this post-sixties trend pretends to depict the everyday life through every thing we perceive of it, or rather every thing we hide of it. If the figurative dimension is clearly revealed through this approach, it can’t be detached from the idea of narration. A story scattered between the lines, behind a title or simply through the frame.

Working, since 1970, from pictures, cut, edited and screened on the canvass, Gérard Schlosser choses so to tell us the day after day that, through the universal intimate, paradoxically escapes from its common place. A vision highlighted by the use of canvasses covered with sand, insisting in such a way on the harshness or the shimmers that gives to the existence its flavors and nuances.

Actually, as declared Gérald Gassiot.Talabot, the idea-man of the figuration Narrative, Schlosser focused on the intimism of the everyday gestures, the promiscuity of bodies, the triteness of situations, that punctuate short sentences of evidence, the platitudes of the elapsing time.

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