quarta-feira, 6 de junho de 2012

Ondule Chair_by Mattis Esnault

This unusual texture artistic surface contemporary arm chair design by Mattis Esnault gives various level of amazement. Mattis Esnault translates the advance idea of contemporary furniture design into the current sophisticated modern design armchair with complicated texture of surface. The idea is brilliant by combining the large fat lounger size armchair with catchy color contemporary furniture design. The end result is a beautiful arm chair design with sculptural characteristic furniture design.

The thing that might become a consideration of having the current chair is the sophisticated surface texture. The texture gives the additional sculpture within your interior design from your functional fancy armchair design. This French chair furniture texture might remind us to the complicated and unique texture of human brain. Thus the current chair design can be considered as human organ style chair design. This human brain look like chair texture is also the appropriate chair option for surrealist interior design concept.

The current yellow color sophisticated chair design is called Ondule chair. The French designer manages to give good chair shape design exploration to create high level excitement of contemporary chair design. The main Attraction of this artistic surface contemporary arm chair design by Mattis Esnault is its texture and comfort.

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