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The House, like nearly any other house, resolves itself by the addition of elements. In this project, such an addition looks for giving idea in mass. Precisely in a hollow mass. Once the mass is supposed, there starts the diagram of holes. Holes that are windows. Windows that are ways of looking. Ways of looking that are ways of living. Ways of living that are holes. (Some of such a size that make forget the mass).

Every window, like any other window, allows a relationship with the distance and nearness. We ask ourselves about distance and nearness in relation to the views of the field – it would be obvious – and also about other distances and nearness; above all, to these last ones, it deals with the availability of the house on the field and the succession of points of view that go with it.

So the window is understood as a detail; an empty detail. That’s the way the spaces focus on their specific functions as well as what can be seen through them. What to see, how to see, everything to see, nothing to see. (A wall is an end- way for the eye). Seeing a machine supposes a direction of going and coming from the eye to the outside, and the other way about. Going through a machine: go, come, go.-

Author: Arch. Sebastián Serrani
Supporting Team: Eng. Jorge Tanus / Arch. Nicolás Guerra / Arch. Julia Prieto
Surface Team: 220m2
Place: Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina
Year: 2008
Photos: Pablo Betancourt

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