sexta-feira, 30 de março de 2012

OMSK_S/S 2012 Collection

Since its beginnings in 2007 Girls From Omsk made ​​a clear evolution from "streetwear" to "street couture "and is today a strong label deeply rooted in the Russian heritage on the one hand, and Western influences on the other. This of course has everything to do with Girls From Omsk ​​Belgian-Russian founders:Valeria Siniouchkina and Philippe Koeune . Valeria, whose father was born in the Siberian city of Omsk, mainly works on the women's collection and Philippe, a talented graphic designer, takes care of the men's line among many other things.
A strong duo that has brought the label a few levels higher over the years thanks to a more mature line and the use of noble fabrics . Valeria and Philippe bring this evolution to life with a name change from Girls From
Omsk to the short yet powerful OMSK .
But not everything changes of course: think of the humor, the self-questioning and the subtle twists that are so characteristic of the OMSK collections. Other values, such as the exciting journey that OMSK undertakes each season, and the honouring of a Russian personnality under the name OMSK Icon, remain important sources of inspiration.

Photos: Valentina Vos

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