domingo, 4 de março de 2012

Cubic Boutique Hotel_by Sergey Makhno & Vasiliy Butenko

Cubic Boutique Hotel by Sergey Makhno & Vasiliy Butenko is rather gorgeous and not boring at all. Its lighting may well be compared to an object of art. The boutique hotel is snuggled into a green hillside, and extends out to the sands of the Dead Sea. On one side, a gorse-covered mountain closely approaches the hotel, on the other side it stands near the coastline of the Black sea.
The hotel itself seems to extend a natural relief of a mountain standing behind it with its structure of polished concrete. Austerity of outdoor attire of concrete, steel and glass is camouflaged with almost homeliness of rooms – a wide cozy bed, Corian furniture designed for this hotel, designer’s light, a TV-set as well as Internet connection.

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