quarta-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2011

The Janus Chair_by Ryder Architecture

Great Outdoor seating furniture design is done by Ryder Architecture. This lovely furniture designer and architect designed the Janus Chairs that have been installed at Kielder Water & Forest Park in North umberland in North East England. Janus Chairs was created as one of six sculptural shelters at Kielder Water & Forest Park, northern Europe’s largest man made lake and England’s largest forest. The three one piece chairs (H2.3mxW1.2mxL2.3m, H2.7mxW1.8mxL3.1m, H3.3mx W2.4mxL3.8m) can be rotated toward a favorite view, into the sun, away from the wind or toward each other to form a family group. They are made from laminated Douglas fir from the Scottish borders with polished stainless steel backs. Facing inward they are the closed bud of a flower, rotated outward they come into full bloom.

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