quarta-feira, 21 de dezembro de 2011

House in Kakinokizaka_by Satoshi Okada Architects

Located in one of the most prestigious residential areas in Tokyo, this modern 455.88 sq. meters family home was designed by Japanese Architects Satoshi Okada for a successful entrepreneur who is passionate about cars, his wife and daughter.
 The owner’s requirements were to design a reinforced concrete structure with an exposed concrete finish and a high ceiling living room, same way like a fortification. And most importantly, the owner wanted to park six cars in front of the public road; two of them for ordinary use, and the other four for his private car gallery.
 The facade is articulated both horizontally and vertically, where the main entrance is placed in-between the car gallery and the garage for ordinary vehicles. A patio was also created – a medium between the private car gallery and the family’s living quarters – enabling the residents to enjoy the view of the gallery, both from the main bedroom, which is a half story down below the ground level, as well as from the living room above.

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