domingo, 13 de janeiro de 2013

Voronoi’s Corrals_by decaArchitecture

On the Greek island of Milos, the decaArchitecture studio designed the Vornoi’s Corrals, a holiday residence located in front of the sea. The plot, rough and natural, led the architectural choices. The house so follows the slope of the site and is made of a central volume, opened on front as rear and including the living rooms, extended by four wings where are placed the sleeping rooms. Each section leans according to the ground while the stairs-like roof is inspired by stratums. The residence is built at the East extreme of a field of olive trees where, dug in the ground and joining a path that leads to the main inhabitation, a stone guesthouse has been made by the same studio of architects. The whole property so forms a little haven of peace retired from the turmoil of the city and though offering a remarkable comfort.

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