terça-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2013

A Different Kind of Bedroom_by ECDM Architects

Check out this amazing apartment located in Montrouge, France. The transformation of this small appartment has above all been strategic : Decompartmentalize the place so as to fit out an open plan and elude the demand of an extra room by conceiving in the center of the volume a suspended white cube which generates comic and disconcerting use situations. This former artist studio caracterised by a difference in height which shares the volume from a simple to a fake double height (3.70 m under ceiling in the main room) had been originally marqued by a awkward mezzanine under which one couldn’t be up and had, to get on it, to pass through a small doorway managed into a separating wall existing between the 2 volumes. (More info after the images)

For more info visit ECDM Architects.

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