quinta-feira, 20 de setembro de 2012

Villa Veth in The Netherlands_by 123DV

Hattem based Villa Veth is one of those odes to those school of modernism architecture beliefs that just don’t get old. With plenty of mixed curves and angles– not to mention a completely chrome column, this residence has it all and then some.
Designed by 123DV, Villa Veth is just over 5000 square feet with plenty of surrounding land to keep privacy in tact. And that comes in handy with one full corner of curved glass letting in all of the natural light. Regardless, the corner roof is eased out over the glazed area, providing shade for those indoors and out to enjoy the surrounding nature and nice weather. It’s relatively minimal inside, but the approach is one that’s different in its ways of thinking.

via http://inthralld.com

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