sábado, 19 de maio de 2012

Villa Roces_by Govaert & Vanhoutte

This glass house by Belgian architects Govaert & Vanhoutte has a 50-metre-long wall at the back and a sunken swimming pool at the front.
Located in one of the forests surrounding Bruges, the house is long and narrow and contains staggered storeys that descend below the ground.
The swimming pool is located at the lowest level and is tucked into a recessed corner of the building.
Doors leading into the house are as high as the walls and are difficult to spot when closed.

Inside, a long ramp slopes up from the main living and dining room towards children’s bedrooms that are half a storey above, while cantilevered stairs lead down into a second living room and master bedroom.
Another ramp outside the building provides access to a car park below.
We’ve featured a few houses in the past that are almost entirely glazed. See one in Germany here and one in Sweden here.

Photography is by Tim Van de Velde.

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